Midtown Plant Swap at Kathleen Dumitrescu's Home





Its never too early to start thinking about the Plant Swap. When you dispose of the evidence that you forgot to bring some of your plants inside, and you come across something that has overgrown its area, leave it. Wait to dig up your extras so that you can bring them to the plant swap this May 11, 2024 from 1-4.  (It is the day before Mother's Day.) Bring your mom, or bring her plants, if you can manage that without getting hit with her rake. 


Put the Midtown Plant Swap on your calendar for this spring; as we all know, it is NEVER too early to start thinking about getting new plants.  The plant swap will be in the Dumitrescu's back yard at 771 Myrtle street NE Atlanta GA.



  • You have to start somewhere so you don't have to bring a plant to take one.
  • All plants are welcome: house plants, garden plants, sun, shade, ground covers, pond plants. (Leave things that cause rashes on contact home, however)
  • If you want to be really popular: bring ferns.  To avoid unattractive disagreements among attendees; you can just give the ferns right to your host, member Kathleen Dumitrescu.    
  • Outfits that look like they weren't good enough to wear for a wanted poster are encouraged.

Questions should be directed to GPPA Board Member Kathleen Dumitrescu, email Kathleen.  


Be aware that my answers have little or no relationship with actual facts.  


Saturday, May 11, 2024 1:00pm