On the Road Blog - Follow the Signs

5/4/2024 4:33 pm





On a recent visit to my family in and near Philadelphia, the gals (sister Caren, mom and I) headed out to one of our favorite perennial and annual specialty nurseries in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  


It should surprise no one that our car was stuffed to the gills when we left Black Creek Greenhouses, despite yours truly only buying six small plants because she is moving in about a year and some rationality is required.

A "Trial Run" - Visiting the Annual Sale at the UGA Trial Garden

3/10/2024 4:29 pm



Clerodendrum thomsoniae


According to my plant records, I've been visiting the UGA Trial Garden sale since 2015. In that time, a lot has changed. One thing that hasn't, however, is that I will not miss it if I have a choice!


On the Road Blog - Nurseries To Visit While Traveling

10/12/2023 2:57 pm

Nurseries worth visiting when you travel.


Let's face it, we are not just gardeners, we are also travelers who love plants. So when we travel, we visit gardens and nurseries.


Below are some favorite out-of-the-area nurseries. If you have one, please send us a note about it and we'll add it to the list.