Past Events & Meetings 2016- 2019


Our great lineup during this half decade included among others:  

  • Ernest Koone, III, Lazy K Nursery
  • Tony Avent on Landscaping in Drifts of One
  • Trips to Fern Ridge Farms
  • Dr. Allan Armitage on the Making of a Private Garden
  • Matt and Tim Nichols, Maple Ridge Nursery (formerly Nichols Nursery)
  • Garden Visits / Tours to David McMullen's Nursery, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta Beltline, Lyndy Brody's Garden, Fernbank Forest, McFarlane Nature Park, Michael Dirr's Garden
  • Jessica Walliser, Good Bug, Bad Bug
  • Dan Benarcik, Chanticleer Garden in PA
  • Karen Rawlins on Invasive Species
  • Robin Templar Williams, Garden Design
  • Karen Perkins, Epimediums
  • Pruning Workship

See summaries of their topics, books written, and other resources linked below. Note: book prices are historical.




Speakers and Events 2016 - 2019