Past Meetings and Events 2020 - Recent

Enjoy a trip down memory lane.  Connect to speakers who made you want their books, taught you something special, or brightened your day. Remind yourself of places to visit.



                                 Our recents speakers have included:


  • Benjamin Vogt, A New Garden Ethic
  • Abra Lee, Lift Every Voice
  • Danesha Seth Carley, Let's Talk Pollinator Gardening
  • Carol Reese, Native Plants, Facts and Fallacies
  • Dan Hinkley, Windcliff and Heronswood Gardens
  • The Gardens of Piet Oudolf, a Movie
  • Molly Hendry, English Tools for a Southern Garden
  • Thomas Christopher, Author - Nature into Art
  • Chris Wiesinger, Heirloom Bulbs


See summaries of their topics, books written, and other resources linked below.  Note: book prices are historical.  


Speakers 2020-Recent