Past Speakers and Events 2011 - 2015


Our great lineup during this period included:  


  • Sarah van Beck, Daffodils
  • Dan Long, Clematis expert, owner Brushwood Gardens
  • Patricia Kyritsi Howell, Is there an Apothecary in Your Garden?
  • Dr. Larry Mellichamp, The Amazing World of Ferns

  • Jim Gibbs, Gibbs Gardens
  • Martha Tate on "Margaret Moseley's A Garden to Remember"

  • Pruning Workshops with Jamie Blackburn
  • Visits and Tours to Jenks Farm, Arabia Mountain, Olmstead Linear Parks, 
  • Ted Stephens, Nurseries Caroliniana
  • Betsy Hall, Hall's Flower - Flower Arranging Workshop
  • Kelly Norris, "What's New in the World of Irises"
  • Dr. Bodie Pennisi, "Flavor, Fragrance and Medicine from the Garden"
  • Dotty Myers, noted Atlanta area Landscape Designer
  • Mike Francis from Maple Ridge Nurseries. "Cultivars that Thrive"
  • Jamie Blackburn, "Ornamental Shrubs for the Perennial Border"

  • Michael Buckman, "Gardening For Butterflies"

  • Don Jacobs, "A Granite Scree Garden: A Limitless Pleasure"
  • Ryan Gainey on "A Garden of Remembrance"


  • See summaries of their topics, books written, and other resources by  linked below.  Note: any book prices are historical.  


 Past Speakers and Events 2011-2015