Georgia Perennial Athens Area Shop & Sip - UGA Trial Garden Sale, UGA Hort Club and more!!




Join your fellow plant-a-holics as we return to Athens again for the fabulous sales at the UGA Trial Garden and the UGA Hort Club. We can sprinkle in a local nursery or two, or maybe visit the State Botanical Garden of Georgia (sorry their sale is the following week). We'll also grab a casual lunch nearby.


Those who went last year learned a couple of lessons: (1) don't miss it; (2) get there at opening for the best selection; and (3) grab the biggest cart you can as fast as you can or use the dock as a holding area. We'll also nab a GPPA marked spot on the dock early just to be safe and protect your acquisitions pre-purchase!


Interested in joining in?  Let us know: Contact Liane. We'll update those who express interest with our plans by email as we get closer.

UGA Trial Gardens and Athens Area
Saturday, April 6, 2024 8:00am