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Clematis 'Jeanne's Pink'

4/3/2023 2:35 pm

Flowers are a beautiful thing, no doubt, and Clematis 'Jeanne's Pink' certainly delivers on those. But as we all know, flowers are transitory and sometimes only last a day or a week or so.  C. 'Jeanne's Pink' is one of those perennials that rewards for a long time, not with just flowers, but with with stunning seed heads. 


C. 'Jeanne's Pink' opens in early to late summer with large soft pinkish blooms that are 6-8" across with delicate overlapping sepals.  Flowers can be semi-double. Over time, the flowers will fade to a blush white. Not so long after this, comes the special prize of this Clematis, the seed head. The one pictured below has held on tight for nearly a year and brings a smile to my face daily! 




C. 'Jeanne's Pink' grows 6-8 feet tall, making it very suitable for use in a container or up close in the border.  She can take full to part sun.   - Liane Schleifer