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Plant Fools Day

5/5/2023 12:42 pm




On April 1, a brave contingent of Georgia Perennial Plant Association members led by those major Plant Fools, Liane and Kathleen, ventured to Athens, Georgia in horrendous storms that parted just in time for the shopping to start in earnest.


We spent a fortune at the UGA Trial Garden Sale, added yet more plants to our coffers at the UGA Hort Club Sale, visited Farm 441 (formerly Thomas Orchards) for yet more plants and barbecue and then headed to Piccadilly Farm Nursery to eat, walk and shop some more!


It was a uniquely fun day shared by folks with a passion for buying plants. The only flaw -- besides the miserable departure weather -- was the number among our group who had never seen Little Shop of Horrors and did not glean the "Audrey #" references on their name tags.  Except for Seymour, of course. He knew. Next time, a movie date plus plant shopping!