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The Making of McFarlane Meadow - Part 6

4/21/2022 3:13 pm

The Making of McFarlane Meadow - Part 6


Waiting for the result


The 11.5-acre McFarlane Nature Park is the site of a planted meadow – an area filled with native plants where we can grow ourselves some insects.  The space of about 10’ x 40’ was planted with the help of garden club members, neighbors, and local Boy Scouts on October 9, 2021.


The Park, in East Cobb County, is visited by neighbors daily, mainly arriving on foot, and some by car with their children or dogs in tow.  A busy calendar of small events includes scouts camping overnight, birthday parties, neighborhood events like Easter Egg Hunts and Yule Log gatherings. 


Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County established and maintain display gardens of Piedmont-Native plants. They work at the gardens weekly.  The Park boasts a complete collection of Piedmont-native trees and a large collection of native azaleas. 


This space in the back pasture, delineated by pink plastic ribbon on stakes caused many questions among the visitors.  “Is it a sink hole?”, one asked.  Another inquired about whether it was dangerous. Several neighbors, regular Park walkers, are watching closely for signs of plants emerging, as am I.


Clearly, signage was required. 



Stay with me and I will try to document the growth of this idea, not knowing if it ends in success or failure.  Now we wait for spring.


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