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Visit to Piedmont Gardeners Athens Tour of Gardens - April 15

4/2/2023 7:44 am

Georgia Perennial Plant Association invites you on a Garden Tour ROAD TRIP to Athens on Saturday, April 15, 2023!!!! 






The Piedmont Gardeners are hosting their annual Garden Tour in Athens, Georgia from 10 am - 4 pm on Saturday, April 15, 2023.  


Get your tickets online* at:**


SIx gardens total are on display. We will meet up at Dr. Armitage’s Garden at 120 Woodland Way at 10 am. We plan to walk to the three gardens that are close together before getting back in our cars to see the intown outlier at Prince Place.  


The final two gardens require a little more driving, so we'll punctuate our day with a lunch stop. Come along with us garden by garden,*** or just meet us for lunch.


We will meet for lunch at The White Tiger at 1 pm.****

217 Hiawassee Ave, Athens, GA 30601 


We strongly suggest that you cover the four (4) intown gardens first to avoid the traffic and parking hassles that will come with the intra squad football game scheduled for the 15th at 4 pm. 


What else could be a better use of your time on a Saturday? Saddle up. You can cut back the rest of your brown cast iron plants in the dark with a beer in one hand and a sharp lopper in the other. What could possibly go wrong? The Athens Garden Tour is the better choice. Trust us, we’re lawyers.  - Kathleen and Liane


See below for helpful and not so helpful advice, including a map and map link.  Thinking of coming?  Send an email and we might make you an embarrassing name tag to identify as one of us, possibly mythology related for an Athens visit.  Kathleen and Liane will probably duke it out over Medusa. Count Me In



*You don't have to buy tickets online in advance. Some of us are contrary. You could be like Liane, for instance, who despite filling her car with plants at Plant Fools' Day sales in Athens has planted them all and still has holes to fill (in her head, arguably). You will find her at 8 am at the State Botanic Garden Plant Sale where tour tickets can also be purchased with cash or a check. (Never fear, she probably won't remember to have either with her again like last week.)  


And yes, maybe the tickets will be only $20 there, but we all know it will cost her far more in the end. Some other retail locations selling tickets like Farm 441 and Cofer's will be open early selling plants and tickets too. Note: we cannot be held responsible for your plant shopping addiction as we are barely managing our own!  


Learn more about the State Botanic Garden and its plant sale here: State Botanic Garden


** Please read the complete ticketing details here: How to Buy Tickets. Carry checks or cash if you do not plan to buy your tour ticket in advance online. Credit cards are only accepted online.


*** Advantages of coming with us: lots of plant Latin and stories about how we've killed most of these plants before, communal oohing and aahing. You know, the group think stuff. Going your own way? Details and descriptions of locations are at A  detailed map of the route we plan on going is provided below, along with a live link to Google maps that can be used on the day of the tour. 


**** The White Tiger has food to accommodate vegetarians and vegans, but alas it has no tipples. Bring your own or stop on the way to get some if you require those with your lunch.



Google Map Link - you can download this map to your phone for useful reference.  The first three gardens are within 1.3 miles of each other.  Consider parking in between them if you want a shorter walk back from the last garden.